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  • Products sold on are limited to store stocks. After the customer order, the stock of the product in the stores is checked, the customer is informed about the products that cannot be supplied because the stock is exhausted, and the payment is returned.

  • When you shop on, your products are supplied and delivered to cargo within 3-5 business days between 09:00-18:00 . 

  • Shipping for the product you purchased is paid by the buyer, and free shipping is sent for orders of 10 or more.

  • If the courier company cannot reach you at the address you have given, it will leave a "News Paper" with the telephone and address information on which you can contact. You can get information about your package by calling these numbers. Packages not received within 3 days are returned to CLUBMAM. You can contact us if you want the returned cargo to be shipped to CLUBMAM.

  • Shipment of purchases made from is provided by ARAS Cargo.

  • When the cargo is delivered to you, if there is a case of crushing, deformation, wetness or damage to the product, open the box with the cargo officer and check the condition of your products. In case you see any damage to the products, do not take delivery of the products and ask the cargo officer to keep a report. The recorded products will be delivered to CLUBMAM by the cargo company and the products will be returned by us.

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