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Journey to your own top.

A few things about us...

As CLUBMAM, our goal is to provide you with many classes and services such as HammockYoga & MatYoga that will get you excited about yoga first.


In our studio in Fulya BJK, we offer popular exercises such as Pilates, Pilates during Pregnancy,  BungeeFitness, Dance etc., which will improve your quality of life, as well as yoga, free internship classes with our new graduates, and breathing and meditation exercises open to everyone. We know that not everyone does the exercise the same way, and we help our students find the lesson that best fits their needs.

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? We will be happy to see you in our family.

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As a reputable boutique business operating in the Fulya region, our main goal is to guide others on this long road full of discoveries, especially yoga has to offer. If you want to move your body, experience spiritual growth or enjoy the moment, we are sure you will benefit from this practice.

CLUBMAM formerly MAMACADEMY,  has since 2018 been renowned for its expertise and dedication to each of its students, regardless of need or skill level. We are proud of our student body that we have worked with so far and we look forward to seeing you in our family.


We provide trainers trainings and continue life-long education with workshops.


We turn art in your mind into movement in your body.


We leave the weight of life at the door and become lighter. We challenge everything that pulls us down, including gravity.

CLUBMAM Boutique Studio,  includes various sports branches that increase the strength of our body, develop our mental powers, and also provide you with a pleasant time by exercising with fun.

The founder Mine Melek, who constantly seeks innovation and aims to present the fun side of exercise to sports lovers and initiates new trends in Turkey, aims to take wings for the dreams of children, who are the architects of our future, with the social responsibility project named  'White Wings'.

It serves sports lovers as a resting and socializing area with its different and special concept under the roof of Fitness culture in its 350 square meter installed area. 

In its academic structure, it has fully expanded its sports activities with social responsibility projects as a host studio for education and training organizations, trainer training, workshops, domestic and international trainings.

Every branch of sports is beneficial for human health. However, taking into account time, age and environment, systematic sports are beneficial for health. There is no age limit to exercise. For this reason, the content of the courses available at ClubMAM varies to appeal to children, young people, adults and older ages. Since its most important principle is the principles of safe exercise, ClubMAM gives importance to education and also provides academic services to its trainers and trainer candidates who are new to the profession.

ClubMAM, which aims to make sports an activity that is eager to do, not a necessity, has become a special studio of Istanbul by appealing to all ages with its endless innovative exercises. In addition to living a healthy life, it should not be forgotten that our greatest wealth is our health. It is a great pleasure and pleasure for us to serve those who want to improve their quality of life with their body, mind, spirit and integrity. We invite everyone who wants to experience fun and exercise while prioritizing investment in their health, to experience the privileges and comfort of ClubMAM.

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