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* Our sales are available in Fulya AVM - Beşiktaş  ClubMAM studio in Istanbul. 

* After your order, we will contact you on our WhatsApp line 0 539 524 54 75 regarding payment information.

* VAT is not included in the prices stated on our website.

* Cash, money order, credit card in our studio (including VAT in credit card)We have payment options.

* After sending the receipt for your payments,Your order will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days.

* Shipping is paid by the buyer and free shipping is sent for purchases of 10 or more.

 Return conditions;

* The product you purchasedIt can be returned within 15 days from the delivery date.

* In the purchase of one or more products, only the photo of the product to be returned, the number of products and the reason for the return will be accepted by mail. ( Please send it to )

* The product you will return must be unused and undamaged (such as holes, tears, stains, etc.) as a result of misuse. In such cases, the product cannot be returned.

* If you want to send the product you want to return by courier, you can contact us and send it with counter payment.

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