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1. The Member has the right to use the membership purchased from ClubMAM within the framework of the rules, opportunities and practices determined/to be determined by the Club and only for the Membership Period specified on the first page, provided that he/she makes regular payments. If the member does not pay the membership fee and/or abuses the Club or its staff, other members or guests, acts immoral or makes words or commits criminal acts, acts of violence or humiliation, for a temporary period of time. It accepts that it can freeze or cancel its membership, not to be added to the end of it or to be refunded.̈ Membership Agreement; It can be terminated unilaterally, especially in cases such as shouting, violence/beating, swearing at staff or other members. The termination conditions specified in this article are also valid for the guests of the Member, and the responsibility arising from the actions of the guests belongs to the Member.

2. Provided that there is no overdue debt; Provided that it is requested in writing by the member and approved by ClubMAM, the Member can use ClubMAM for as long as he has purchased it, except in cases where the membership is frozen in cases such as military service, birth, serious health problems, which are proven with documents. Since ClubMAM is ready to serve the Member during the purchased subscription period, unused periods for any reason are not added to the end of the subscription.

3. The member is obliged to present all documents (copy of identity card, driver's license, etc.) belonging to him in this contract to ClubMAM during the contract  . Otherwise, ClubMAM may terminate the contract unilaterally.

4. Membership is purchased by the Member in advance, regardless of the form of payment. ClubMAM is always ready to serve its Members; The membership cannot be extended, used or refunded in any way, claiming that it has not been used.

5. ClubMAM can make access controls to the facility in various ways for the safety of its members. The member is obliged to comply with these methods and to present the QR Code or a valid ID card given to him by ClubMAM when requested.

6. At the time of signing this contract, a health form was given to the member by ClubMAM. The member has accepted all the information in the form and cannot hold ClubMAM responsible for any health problems he may experience.

7. ClubMAM may sell Membership Types (Professionals, Unlimited, etc.) at different prices in order to create alternatives suitable for the special situations and budgets of its members. Some membership types provide a price advantage to the Member over other memberships, considering the service type/usage hours. ClubMAM is not obligated to offer all the facilities/services to the more affordable memberships as in the Unlimited Membership Type. The Member who purchases such memberships accepts this in advance.

8. ClubMAM may provide its Member guests with the opportunity to benefit from the facilities free of charge, within the rules and limits to be announced. This is a temporary opportunity and not a Membership right. Considering ClubMAM's priority of other members during busy periods or at all times; reserves the right to remove the possibility of bringing Paid and/or Free Guests periodically or permanently.

9. Personal Training, ie one-to-one session memberships, must be purchased by the members themselves. Packages can only be used for the services written on them and cannot be used for any other service. Each of the purchased session packs can only be used by the member who purchased . Session services cannot be provided to members other than those whose names are written on it. Purchased session packages cannot be returned on the grounds that they have not been used/will not be used without any reason. For health reasons (must be documented with Doctor's Report) etc. For the session services that are requested to be canceled due to reasons, a refund can be made after the session fee is deducted as a result of rounding up the sessions used in the Session Service package offered by ClubMAM at that time. Example; The number of Session Service Packages offered at ClubMAM is 10-12-20-24. A member who has purchased 12 sessions of service; If he/she wants to get a refund for the sessions he/she has not used due to health reasons in the 3rd session, the fee to be refunded to the member; It can be in the form of deducting the price of the 4-session ticket, which is the higher level of the 3 from the price given, and refunding the rest. Each member who receives Session Service is deemed to have accepted this rule in advance.

10. Cancellations must be made 3 hours before the appointment time. For appointments that are not canceled 3 hours in advance, the service cannot be provided later, and the fee cannot be refunded. If you are late for the session, the late time cannot be added to the end of the session. Example; 15 minutes to the session. If it's late, the session is 55 minutes. not as 40 min. is applied as ClubMAM has no obligation to sell Session Services for a second and/or more times to members to whom it sells session services.

11. ClubMAM is not responsible for items lost/stolen/forgotten/left on site or in the parking lot. ClubMAM cannot be held responsible for any item not declared in writing.

12. ClubMAM may change its operating rules, activities, services, service standards, presentation styles, service fees, working hours, with or without prior notice, in order to provide better service to its members. Again,  can temporarily or indefinitely shut down some or all parts of the facility without giving any reason. Unless the use of all facilities, services and activities is completely stopped and closed, there is no fee-fee-subscription refund or membership compensation to the members.

13. Whether the member and his guest have the necessary health conditions and fitness to participate in all kinds of activities and sports activities inside or outside of ClubMAM are under their own responsibility, and ClubMAM has no responsibility. ClubMAM does not take any responsibility for any health problems such as physical, mental harm, loss, injury, injury, etc. that may occur within ClubMAM during the membership period of the Member and its guests for whatever reason and at other times, and for the consequences thereof. will not be subject to any claims arising from it. ClubMAM does not make written or verbal commitments such as weight loss or gain and improving health in any similar matter, and does not recommend drugs and products that support weight loss. Nutrition recommends healthy nutrition products such as all kinds of protein bars, detox teas, etc., which are only offered for sale in the mini bar section.

14. In the settlement of disputes that may arise between ClubMAM and its members, ClubMAM's commercial and legal books, the minutes to which it will arrange the records and the documents forming the basis of these are considered unilateral conclusive evidence.

15. It is forbidden to record photos and videos with any recording device inside ClubMAM without the permission of ClubMAM Administration. However, due to today's technology, many people use mobile phones with the ability to take photos or movies. The use of these devices in the facility is not prohibited. Each member should take the measures to protect his/her privacy. ClubMAM has no responsibility in cases that may arise in this regard. If ClubMAM wishes to broadcast on its social media, ClubMAM must obtain permission from the member.

16. With the signing of this agreement, the Member agrees and undertakes to comply with all Facility/Membership rules announced and/or notified and/or to be announced by ClubMAM at various times. The current version of the Membership Rules, which the members are obliged to comply with, can be viewed at

17. In accordance with the Consumer Legislation, the Member may withdraw from the Agreement and submit his/her membership, provided that this Agreement is approved and the withdrawal notification is made to ClubMAM e-mail address with a written notification within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of commencement of the membership. has the right to cancel. In this case, the said membership fee will be returned to the Member within 14 (fourteen) days without any deduction. In the case of membership cancellations made after the 14th day following the signing date of the contract (except for the "Cannot do sports" committee report from a full-fledged state hospital and the presentation of a document showing that he has moved out of the city/country), no refund will be made. However; In addition to obtaining a report of inability to do sports or submitting documents showing that one has moved out of the city/country and being approved by ClubMAM, and in similar cases, a contract-cost deduction of 10% of the total contract price is applied, as well as the training fee and the "passing membership" as of the day the membership request is made. period” is calculated and the membership fee for the remaining period is refunded. In calculating the elapsed membership period, it does not matter whether the Member actually used ClubMAM  .

18. Except for the refund options listed below, there are no refunds for memberships. Memberships cannot be used or transferred by anyone other than the purchaser of the service. ClubMAM reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of membership.

You can make your return by choosing one of the following options;

Refund: You can return your purchased service within 14 (fourteen) days from the payment date. If you send the information/documents regarding the payment to theclubmam@gmail  , the service fee will be transferred to your bank account. If you have used the service for a certain period of time, the service fee corresponding to the period you have used will be deducted and the remaining service fee will be refunded to you.

Changing with another subscription package: You can replace the service you have purchased with another service that corresponds to your current package during the subscription period. From the date you submit this change request to ClubMAM, it will be evaluated and approved if the quota of the programs is available. Otherwise, you must continue to use your current service. No refund will be requested for this reason.

 19. All applications in favor of the member, such as discounts, campaigns, gift months, etc., applied at the date of signature of this contract, are only valid for this contract. ClubMAM has no obligation to make the same practices for membership renewals and/or third parties; When ClubMAM does not extend the term of this membership agreement and when the membership ends; The Member reserves the right not to sell/renew a new membership without giving any reason.

20. The parties have accepted the addresses specified in this Agreement as their legal residence and notification addresses. In case of a change of address, the Member must notify ClubMAM in writing within 5 working days at the latest. Otherwise, the Member accepts and undertakes in advance that the address specified in this contract will be accepted by ClubMAM as a legal notice and the notifications sent to this address will be deemed to have been served.

This Membership Agreement, which consists of 20 (twenty) articles, has entered into force as of the moment of its approval, by being approved by the Member in electronic environment and/or in writing, with each provision being read and fully understood.


The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that he has read and accepted the Lighting Text, Security and Privacy, Terms of Use and Service Agreement on the Site and that he has filled in the information in the Member Registration Form completely and accurately. In case of any questions, the member can contact ClubMAM directly from the address, phone number and e-mail address under the "Contact" heading on the Site. that the images can be used in digital environments including social media, websites, youtube and television channels, that the said audio and video recording can be processed by ClubMAM and shared with third parties in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law in force and the relevant legislation, accepts, declares and undertakes that there is no material or moral right claim.


  • As ClubMAM Boutique Studio, our appointment system is very important for all our lessons.

  • For private lessons, weekly programming is made according to the hours and days you request. Lesson duration is 55 minutes. Because of the courses taken one after the other, this programming is very important for our trainer, the functioning of our business, for other courses, and for providing you with a better service. You must make a reservation for your class weekly, daily  or at least 5 hours in advance, and if you cannot attend  you must cancel 3 hours in advance. For the courses that you do not attend without cancellation, 1 COURSE payment is requested from your PACKAGE as an EMPTY COURSE.

  • Studio group lessons are 50 minutes long, and reservations must be made at least  5 hours in advance. For lessons until noon, you can make a reservation the day before or until 21.00 in the evening. You must make a reservation and cancel it if you cannot come. EMPTY COURSES 50 ₺ payment is requested for the courses that you do not attend without cancellation. ClubMAM reserves the right to apply this condition in case of disruptions caused by force majeure.



  • We invite you to our studio at least 15 minutes before your private or studio group class .

  • If you are late for your lesson due to some force majeure (traffic etc…), our instructor will be waiting for you up to 15 minutes for your private lesson. You can attend the Mat Yoga class, especially in studio group classes, if the class time has passed by a maximum of 15 minutes. Do not enter the classroom in HammockYoga and BungeeGym classes. You can attend the class only if you know how to wear your hammock according to your own height.

  • You can have your phone with you in all our lessons, but we kindly ask you to keep your voice turned off during the lesson and to make important conversations outside of the classroom for the comfort of the course flow of both our students, you and our instructor .

  • HEALTH HISTORY: You are asked about the surgery, health problem, illness, medication you use regularly in our memberships, and it is the responsibility of our members to provide accurate information. Cardiovascular disorders are important.

  • AIRARTS®HAMMOCKYOGA & FITNESS HEALTH FORM : In particular, it is not possible for someone with any of the following to attend AirArtsHammockYoga class. 1. Pregnancy. 2. Glaucoma disease. (eye pressure) 3. Recent surgery. (Can be started after 3-6 months with DR approval.) 4. Too high or too low blood pressure. 5. Botox treatment in the last 6 hours. Even if you have health problems other than pregnancy, you can take the AirArts Restorative Yoga Therapy private lesson.

  • If you have any of them, it is important that you share them with us; Irregular heart function. Quick dizziness. Bone resorption / bone weakness. Fainting. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Inflammatory joint rheumatism. Sinusitis. Hernia.  Hiatus hernia. (Stomach hernia). Heart attack in the recent past. Brain Screlosis. (MS) . Recent head injuries.

  • AIRARTSHAMMOCKYOGA LESSON PARTICIPATION CONDITIONS: Not to consume milk and derivatives before the lesson, not to be too full or too hungry. Whole wheat toast, grissini, breakfast etc. 1–1.5 hours before the recommended lesson time. to consume. Wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt that covers the body slightly or completely, half-sleeved sportswear that covers the armpits. Wearing long or below-the-knee tights for women  (opaque dark color, thick, revealing the body, shorts over tights or short boxer tights, etc…); for men to wear knee-length shorts and leggings. Not to have jewelry, earrings, watches etc…  decorated buckles that could damage the hammock.


  • In order not to be exposed to health problems and injuries, we kindly ask you to heed the warnings below, take the precautions and comply with them.

  • Have a comprehensive health check-up before you start exercising. If exercise poses a risk to your health, do not exercise. If you have muscle or joint problems, work on appropriate exercises and resistances, or avoid resistance exercises. If you have a chronic illness such as arrhythmia, heart disease, high blood pressure, or a previous injury, you should definitely consult your doctor and do not do any risky exercises. Previous heart attack, coronary insufficiency, bypass operation, coronary. If there are stent application, heart valve problems, rhythm disorders, hypertension, vascular diseases and similar diseases, or if similar diseases occur in the future, get information about the types, durations and limits of exercise you can do from your specialist doctor before starting the exercise. Determined by your own specialist doctor. Enforcement of the limits is entirely your responsibility. Resistance exercises and high intensity. in terms of problems such as exercises, high blood pressure, heart diseases. it is risky. These units and types of exercises may also pose risks for children and the elderly. It is important to breathe correctly and adequately   so that your body does not become deprived of oxygen while exercising. It is recommended not to drink alcohol before exercise, to consume light food at least 2 (two) hours before and to drink plenty of water. Avoid exercising on a very hungry or very full stomach. When you encounter an unexpected situation or feel bad, stop exercising and seek help. Always follow your doctor's recommendations. In case of pregnancy or suspicion of pregnancy, continue the exercise with the approval of the doctor. In cases of operation, disability and injury; After completing your physical therapy process with physiotherapists, apply the exercise program recommended by your specialist doctor. If you are 55 (fifty-five) years old and over; You should definitely consult your doctor and get information about the exercises you can do, and avoid high-intensity and inappropriate exercises, if any, according to your health problems (heart, high blood pressure, lumbar hernia, neck hernia, etc.).

  • I accept and declare that I understand the warnings and suggestions above, that as of the date I use the facility as a User, I do not have any health problems that may pose a risk even though they do not prevent or prevent me from doing sports, and that I have all responsibility for current or future conditions related to my health. and I promise.


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